Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Can you custom-build to our needs?
A. Yes, 99% of our work is built according to our customer’s needs.
We highly recommend all our customers customizing their order as not only do each state you’ll be working in require and demand certain building codes and regulations, but also sometimes your county as well.

Q. Have you heard about food truck/trailer manufacturer scams / scammers?
A. Yes! And we have provided our customers some links that have been shared with us making awareness of this.It’s truly a shame and we hope you do not fall into this situation. Our company is a reliable company and 100% SCAM FREE **

 Food Truck Builder Scam
 15 Arrested For Food Truck Scam 
 Food Truck Business 

Q. Do you speak Spanish? 
A. Yes (Si Hablamos Español)

Q. Do you sell used equipment? 
A. No, we take pride in our work and only use new equipment. 

Q. Do you have a price list?
A. No, all of our work is custom so prices vary depending on the customer needs. Should you happen to know the list of equipment you’d liked placed inside your truck/trailer please feel free to e-mail us your “Wish List” to info@foodcartusa.com

Q. Do you have a catalog?
A. No, unfortunately, we don’t handle catalogs at this time. But our website carries some samples of our workmanship. 

Q. What is your warranty policy?
A. We offer manufacture warranty on all our equipment.

Q. Do your products meet N.S.F. requirements? 
A. We meet all N.S.F. requirements and in many cases, exceed them. 

Q. Can you help me with my health codes and regulations?
A. Yes of course we will. First step is to contact your local health department and request for the appropriate requirements. We will follow these requirements to build your concession truck/trailer so it meets all codes and regulations. 

Q. Do you ship products all over the U.S. and overseas?
A. Yes, we crate our products and ship via common carrier or by air/sea. 

Q. Do you offer financing/leasing? 
A. Yes, we work with various finance companies which can help with your needs. Please click on the link below download our Credit Application Credit Application Packet If you have any questions please feel free to e -mail us info@foodcartusa.com  

Q. Why does your credit application state leasing?
A. Some of the finance companies we work with have a Lease Option to Buy. In some cases this makes your monthly payments more affordable with a buy-out price at the end of the finance term. 

Q. How long will it take to know if I’m approved or not?
A. Once you have faxed in your completed and signed application packet, please allow 4-7 business days for an answer. 

Q. Why should we purchase trucks/trailers from FoodCart USA?
A. Our company takes pride in our workmanship. Our customers always come first, both before and after the sale. Our consultants work hand in hand with our customers, guiding them to design their truck/trailer until we’ve accomplished their vision. There may be other manufacturers that are less expensive, but they can not match our long-lasting product quality and personalized service. We keep a close relationship with our customers, unlike other companies that just sell you a product. FoodCart USA helps you begin to prosper in your business by participating in our food truck gatherings/events. 

Q. Was FoodCart USA the first company in Miami, Fl to start the food truck trend?
A. Yes! We can honestly and with pride say YES we were the first to bring this great trend to Miami, FL Unlike our competitors who dishonestly say they were the pioneers in Miami, FL

Q. What are the food truck gatherings in Miami, FL?
A. This idea started back in October 2010. We started off with a small lot on Bird Road (SW 40th Street) and SW 65th Ave. The idea was to have a street food court (like a food court in malls) and allowing followers to eat at one place with a variety of trucks. This idea was explosive! Thanks to this idea we have many spots they gather today. 

Q. Who organizes the food truck gatherings/events?
A. We help organize about 90% of the food truck gatherings/events. Some of the event hosts contact us at FoodCart USA to help them organize the food truck gatherings etc. 

Q. How can I participate in your food truck gatherings/events?
A. Feel free to e-mail us with your truck/trailer information at info@foodcartusa.com 

Q. Have any of your trucks been on the FoodNetwork?
A. Yes, we are very proud to have some of our trucks filmed by the FoodNetwork. Which will air sometime this year. 

Q. Tell me more about FoodCart USA.
A. We are a family-owned business with many years of experience customizing carts and trucks with kitchens for food preparation. Our expertise with Food Carts dates back to the year 1979 in Mexico. Eventually we expanded our business by moving to Miami under the name of FoodCart USA. We pride ourselves in our processes not to produce in quantity but to deliver the best quality to our customers.

Q. What other information should I know as a buyer?
A. We tell all our customers to please do their thorough homework and research on their comparison with other manufacturers. 

Here are couple of things we’d like to make our customers aware of in today’s food truck and trailer industry. Almost 98% of other food truck/trailer manufacturers don’t make customers aware nor carry the following information which is essential and important as a consumer to assure themselves these companies have.  

Please make sure that you request from these companies the following:
* Make sure they carry the appropriate liability insurance to perform this type of work of fabrication. This is to cover your investment in the event of any issue.  
* Make sure they are Licensed through DMV (information is available free online) 
* Most importantly make sure they are licensed and insured to install gas lines. (this information is also available online with the pertaining State). This is very important and very critical not just for your safety but for those around the truck/trailer as gas leaks are life-threatening and dangerous. 

We hope that these small tips assist you with your decision on who will be building your food truck/trailer. 
We are here to answer any questions or concerns you might have and we encourage you to contact us should you have any questions.