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Red - Catering Trailer and Concession

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Red - Catering Trailer with concession window.


This is a mobile restaurant that you can haul to any location, park or public place. Hot food and drinks can be prepared from within for your customers to enjoy. This model has the most spacious kitchen.


  Catering Trailer- concession window   concession window and rear door   Red Catering trailer side  
  side view   Catering Trailer door   kitchen  
  kitchen   kitchen   Catering kitchen  
  kitchen   Cafe con Leche - Catering   Espresso and refrigeration  
  Fryer and burners   Concession Window   grill and stove  
  Oven- Catering Trailer   Catering Trailer refrigerator   Catering Trailer Refrigarator  
  Catering Trailer   Catering Trailer   Top view  
  Celing   Fire Extinguisher      
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